Friday, November 6, 2009

Snipe Sailboat Model I Recently Bought A Half Finished Snipe Sailboat Kit. I Finished It But I Need Sails......?

I recently bought a half finished Snipe sailboat kit. I finished it but I need sails......? - snipe sailboat model

Where can I get a mainsail and jib (used cheap)?

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Serafim said...

The Snipe is a very popular sailing boat class, accessories and candles are often found on eBay and Craigslist.

Also check out this page for classified ads, and almost any information you can imagine, with the snipe:

When you make your own candles, visit the page "how to" books and materials, sailing:

And if you want to go to the right are too cheap, then a "poly candle or a candle made of polyethylene sheets. You work hard in small boats. Just Google" Sail poly tarp and have a lot of hits. But here is a page where you can get a kit for only $ 50: ...

With a kit you can make your own candles in about 4 hours and $ 50 each, you can even afford to experiment a little.

Good luck and have fun surfing!

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